Concentrate on your game, not your teeth!

Protect your teeth

It is estimated that 5 million teeth are either damaged or knocked out every year through sports related injuries. The best way to protect your teeth is by wearing a mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a dental appliance designed to protect the teeth, cushioning them from any knocks or blows to the mouth.  A mouthguard should ideally be custom made to ensure that it fits the teeth correctly, thus providing full protection to all the teeth.  At Blue Sky Dental all our mouthguards are custom made by taking dental impressions.  They are then sent to a special laboratory who will then make the mouthguard.  It is made using a strong rubber like material and can be made in any colour or patterns.

A mouthguard should be worn when competing in any physical or contact sport, such as boxing, hockey, cricket and rugby.

How much is a mouthguard?

Depending on the dentist the fees can vary.  It also depends on the type of mouthguard being made.  When you compare what you might have to pay if you damage or knock out a tooth, the fee is a very small price to pay.

How long your mouthguard lasts you depends on whether you are a child or an adult.  A child would need it replaced regularly due to new teeth coming though and positioning, an adult not so often but you will still get general wear and tear to the appliance.  If you are unsure take the appliance with you at your general check up so the dentist check for you.

What about over the counter kits?

There are kits available in sports shops and some chemists that allow you to make your own mouthguard.  This usually involves heating a material in hot water to make it pliable and then placing it in your mouth until it sets.  This way of making a mouthguard can make it unreliable.  You may find that it fits incorrectly and can be uncomfortable to wear.  To ensure your teeth are protected its always best to see a professional.

For more information regarding mouthguards contact our practice.  Our friendly receptionist Cher can give you more information.  Call 01245 211070 or visit our website.


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