Wishing You A Safe And Trouble Free Christmas

Wishing You A Safe And Trouble Free Christmas

Some last minute festive oral health tips from Blue Sky Dental.

For those of you who are not too busy running around looking for last minute Christmas presents, we thought that we would use our last pre Christmas blog to offer some gentle advice to help you to get through the festive season with the minimum of risk to your teeth.

We are sure that our Chelmsford dental patients would rather enjoy the food, drink and entertainment than have to see an emergency dentist because of a painful or broken tooth!

We have put together a few tips below, which will help you on your way to having a happy and trouble free Christmas.

Keep your teeth clean

Especially at this time of year, when we have eaten a lot of high sugar foods, it is important to make sure that you both brush and floss your teeth. This should be obvious, but, after a long and sometimes tiring day, it can be much easier to crawl into bed without brushing your teeth. It only takes a few minutes to do this very important task, and is well worth any effort involved.

Don’t start smoking

If you are an ex smoker, this time of the year can be quite challenging. As the alcohol starts to flow, you might be encouraged by a friend or relative who smokes to just have the ‘one cigarette’ or cigar. Whilst some ex smokers may be able to do this, most will probably find that their temptation to smoke returns. Taking this path is a sure way to oral health problems, to say nothing of your wallet!

Watch the sugar

We all know how damaging sugar is to our teeth, and our health in general. Being Christmas though, many of us will put aside our usual restraint and overindulge in our eating. Whilst we can only dream of a sugar free Christmas, there is no reason why you shouldn’t moderate your sweet and chocolate intake. Try to leave periods between eating this type of food too, to allow the saliva time to reduce the sugar levels in your mouth.

Drink in moderation

It is highly likely that A&E departments will struggle again this Christmas as accidents caused through drinking alcohol increase. Our Chelmsford dentists are also likely to see a few patients after Christmas who have broken a tooth as the result of a fall or accident caused by drinking too much. Try to keep your alcohol intake to a sensible level, and drink plenty of water too; your head will thank you for it later!

Be sensible

It is fine to ‘let yourself go’ for just a few days each year, but this does not mean that common sense should go out of the window though. Make sure that you do not use your teeth for things they aren’t made for – opening bottles or cracking open nuts are good examples of this. A broken tooth, and much worse, is a real risk if you attempt this.

Stay safe and keep those teeth and gums healthy this Christmas! We look forward to seeing you in 2018.

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