Children’s Oral Health

A look at some interesting and useful information about your child’s teeth.

With nearly 50% of children aged 8 years already showing visible signs of dental decay; it appears that we are not taking the issue of our children’s oral health seriously enough. Whilst standards may slip a little during the holiday period and extra ‘treats’ perhaps allowed, it is still important to keep on top of things and not allow their oral health to deteriorate.

With this in mind, our dentists at Blue Sky Dental take a look below at some interesting and useful information regarding children’s teeth and gums.


There is a myth that taking good care of your teeth is a costly endeavour. Whilst adults requiring cosmetic dental treatments may have to pay a little extra to attain the smile that they wish; for most children, and certainly younger children, all that is required is good basic care. The cost of a toothbrush and tube of paste is not going to break the bank and will get them off to a great start.

Watch the drinks

One of the most likely causes of dental problems in children is the increase in consumption of fruit and sugary drinks. This is highly problematic as these are very high in sugar, and given how they are consumed, means that a lot of sugar will stick on and around the teeth. Water or very dilute juice is the best option for simply quenching thirst, but, if you do treat your children to a fruit or sugary drink, encourage them to use a straw as less of the drink will come into contact with their teeth that way.

Regular brushing

Although most children do brush their teeth on a daily basis, approximately one in four only do so once a day. Whilst it may be tempting for the parent to ‘let them off’ brushing their teeth, especially before bedtime when they are perhaps tired and irritable; doing so means that sugars and bacteria that have built up during the day have up to twelve hours to do their damage.

Start early

As well as regular brushing, children should see a dentist on a regular basis. We understand that this can sometimes be frightening for a child but many of our local Chelmsford dental patients have found that bringing their child with them from a very early age ‘normalises’ the experience for them and reduces any fears that they may have.

Keeping that childlike smile

As children develop, they become more conscious of their appearance. This especially applies during the teenage years. Surveys have found that children with bad teeth tend not to smile as much for fear of others seeing their teeth. As parents, we all want our children to be happy, as well as healthy, and good dental care plays a large part in this.

If your child has not seen a dentist for some time, now is the time to get their oral health on track by booking a consultation with one of our dentists at Blue Sky Dental.

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