Preventing Common Dental Problems

Preventing Common Dental Problems

A few tips, from our Chelmsford dentists, to help you avoid the need for dental surgery.

Whilst we may not be able to avoid all dental surgery over a lifetime, there are many ways in which we can certainly lessen the amount of treatment needed. Most of the tips below take just a few minutes or a little forethought, yet can prove to be highly effective in an overall strategy for having a healthy mouth.

We should emphasise that, even following these tips to the letter, does not mean that you do not need to have your teeth checked every six months by one of the dentists at Blue Sky Dental. This is still prudent if you wish to avoid extensive treatment for a problem that may develop over a period of time unnoticed.

Clean your teeth – Use a fluoride toothpaste and a brush that is less than three months old (this includes the head of an electric brush). Use a gentle circular motion angling the brush so that it reaches under the gum-line. Do this for two minutes, morning and night, and you will have laid a solid foundation for having healthy teeth and gums.

Inter dental cleaning – If you don’t already, add dental floss or an interdental brush to your dental tool kit. Using these takes just a few extra minutes out of your day but helps to clean between the teeth more effectively. This is an area where food and bacteria collect and is a common place for dental problems to arise.

Hygienist visits – Regular visits to our hygienist to have your teeth professionally cleaned will remove any hardened deposits of bacteria that may have accumulated in hard to reach places. This is a non invasive procedure that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy as well as reducing the risk of gum disease.

Think about your sugar intake – We don’t want to lecture you about how bad sugar is for your teeth, and we suspect that you already know that it is. Think before you decide what to eat or drink. Even reducing sugar consumption a little is a positive step in the right direction – and not just for your teeth!

Sports – If you play a contact sport, there is always a risk that you may receive a blow to the mouth which may break or even knock out a tooth. Consider having a protective mouth guard made to help protect you from this type of damage.

Stained teeth – Although a simple teeth whitening procedure is an effective remedy for most, avoiding staining in the first place will help to keep your teeth whiter for longer. There are many foods and drinks which can stain your teeth; coffee, tea, red wine, curry to name a few. Keeping these to a minimum will help keep your teeth looking great for a little longer.

These few simple tips should help you to avoid some of the more common problems that we see on a daily basis at our Chelmsford dental practice. Should you need any help or advice, or simply wish to make an appointment to see the dentist or hygienist, please call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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