What Happens During A Dental Filling?

What Happens During A Dental Filling?

This common procedure explained for our Chelmsford patients.

Almost all of us will have a filling at some point in our lives. Whilst it is usually a straightforward procedure, it can still cause some patients, especially nervous ones, some concern. Below, we explain what actually happens during the procedure which we hope will help patients to understand a little better and help allay any fears.


Stage one is to examine the teeth for signs of decay and this often occurs in parts of the teeth that are difficult to reach with a brush; the rear of a back tooth being a common place. Once decay is detected, we may take an x-ray if we suspect that the decay is extensive, and, from that, decide what type of restoration is needed.


For the purpose of this post, let us presume that the damage done by the decay requires a standard dental filling. First of all, you will be given a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort felt. The decaying part of the tooth will then be removed using a high speed dental drill, leaving as much of the natural tooth intact as possible. Whilst some patients dislike the sound of the drill, the high pitched whirring sound actually means that it is rotating quickly and this enables faster and more comfortable removal of the decay.

The tooth will then be cleaned and dried in preparation for the actual filling.

The filling

At Blue Sky Dental we offer a choice of either amalgam or tooth coloured fillings. Both offer a good level of strength though larger fillings of a rear tooth may be better served by an amalgam filling, or, alternatively for aesthetic purposes, an inlay or onlay. The filling is placed into the cavity and the patient’s bite will be checked to ensure that it has been correctly shaped. With a tooth coloured filling, it will be hardened using a special light whilst an amalgam filling will harden naturally. Patients should be cautious when eating until the filling has fully hardened and our dentist will discuss this with you during your appointment.


Once your local anaesthetic has worn off, the filling may initially feel a little strange but this should soon pass. Your tooth has now been restored to good health!

If, once the anaesthetic has worn off, you feel any rough or sharp edges that are causing discomfort, please call our local Chelmsford dental surgery to arrange an appointment where we can rectify this for you. Blue Sky Dental can be contacted by calling us on 01245 211070.

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