Why We Use X-Rays At Our Chelmsford Dental Practice

Why We Use X-Rays At Our Chelmsford Dental Practice

This standard, but useful technology reveals deep seated problems.

If you have been seeing a dentist at Blue Sky Dental for some time, there is every likelihood that you have had at least one x-ray.

These are usually taken when we suspect that there may be something wrong but the symptoms are not immediately visible.

Although patients probably tend to think of their teeth as the visible white object that they can see above the gum-line, there is a large section of the tooth that lies beneath the gum and also embedded in our jawbone. Because we cannot see beneath the gum line with the naked eye, our Chelmsford dentists may use x-rays to determine what issues, if any, are happening where we can’t otherwise see.

Tooth decay

Where a tooth has started to suffer from decay, it will be necessary to remove the decaying material and fill it, possibly using a white tooth filling for a better aesthetic effect. Providing that your teeth are checked regularly, there is every chance that the filling may be minor. Occasionally though, it may be necessary to take an x-ray to determine the extent of more extensive decay, and, from this, decide the most appropriate treatment.

Gum disease

Some gum disease symptoms are obvious. Bleeding, sore or inflamed gums are certainly a sign that all is not well, with gum disease being the most likely cause. It may be necessary to take x-rays to determine how advanced the problem is. When at its advanced stage, periodontitis, the bone structure surrounding the tooth can be compromised. X-rays are an excellent way to  determine the degree of any damage caused if this is the case.

Root canals

When a patient arrives at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford in acute pain, but with no obviously visible symptoms, it is quite possible that they have a root canal infection. To determine if this is the case, x-rays will be taken which will reveal if this is the problem or not.

How safe are x-rays?

Modern x-rays are perfectly safe and very low doses of radiation are now used when taking them. If you have ever wondered why the dentist goes behind a protective screen when taking x-rays, imagine the number of times a day that x-rays are taken and multiply that by the years of experience the dentist has – then it is perhaps easier to see why it is best to be cautious. The occasional x-ray will do no harm; however, if you have any medical conditions that you are concerned may be affected by the x-ray, please discuss this with us before it is taken.

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