Year: 2021

Festive Fun – Your 2021 Annual Dental Quiz

How much have you learned from this year’s Blue Sky Dental blogs? Let’s find out…. As we approach the end of the year and reflect, we can see that it has been another difficult one for many of us and

Ten Beneficial Things To Help Care For Your Teeth

Looking after your teeth well doesn’t have to be expensive says Chelmsford dentist, Dr Simon Stern Modern dental care is an amazing thing. Many people now manage to keep, if not all, then the vast majority of their teeth right

Online Cosmetic Dentistry – The Risks?

More and more cosmetic dental products are being advertised widely online, but how effective, and safe, are they? As with almost any topic, if you search online, you are sure to find answers to any query that you have. The

Oral Health Awareness For Asthmatics

Some common health issues can negatively impact your teeth and gums. Asthma is one of them…. Asthma is a growing problem in the UK and worldwide. Factors such as the increasing amount of pollution have almost certainly contributed to this.

Pregnancy And Your Oral Health

Expecting a child should be a joyous occasion but it can present certain dental issues For many people, having a child is one of the highlights of their life. Despite the trials and tribulations it can bring along the way,

Chipped A Tooth? Here’s What You Should Do

Why our Chelmsford patients should not ignore this sometimes seemingly small dental issue There are some dental issues which we know patients might be tempted to ignore, rather than have it checked out by a dentist. Chipping a tooth is

Eating When Wearing Dental Braces

Traditional braces can make eating difficult and potentially lead to other dental problems Primarily, we eat to stay alive and to be as healthy as possible. Food provides us with a range of nutrients to build muscles, energy to go

What Happens When We Smile?

Smiling doesn’t only enhance our appearance, it has a positive impact on our mental well being too Few people walk around with a permanent smile on their face, but it is thought that, on average, we smile around 50 times

Sensitive Teeth – Prevention And Treatment in Chelmsford

Tooth sensitivity can range from being inconvenient to very painful. It doesn’t have to be this way…. If we bite and hold our teeth into a freezing cold ice cream, most of us will experience at least a certain degree

Endodontics – Treating Complex Dental Problems

Chelmsford endodontist, Dr Daniel Vaz De Souza, explains this treatment Dental problems can occur when we don’t take care of our teeth correctly. This is not always deliberate and there are areas of the mouth that are notoriously difficult to