Month: April 2018

Dental Problems In Older Patients

Why some oral health issues are more common in older age. If you have been seeing your dentist on a regular basis since your younger years, and have also looked after your teeth well, there is no real reason, barring

Dental Implant Fixed Bridges Or Dentures?

Why some of our Chelmsford patients opt for an implant retained bridge, rather than dentures. When a patient comes to us with several adjoining teeth missing, there are a number of ways in which we can replace these. Dentures are

Returning to the dentist after a long absence

gum disease checks

What to expect when you arrange an appointment with our Chelmsford dentist after time away Ideally, patients should see a dentist at Blue Sky Dental every six months or so, sometimes more frequently if needed; as may be the case

Time For An Oral Health Spring Clean?

Teeth whitening before and after

Just some of the steps you can take to give your teeth a spring sparkle in Chelmsford! With Spring well and truly here, although you may not know it from looking out of your window, it can be a good