Month: March 2018

Cavities and Decay – Are They Really Inevitable?

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Some tips on how to reduce the need for dental fillings in Chelmsford. Most of us probably have a filling or two. We tend to treat these as a minor inconvenience and something that is almost inevitable at some point

Can Healthy And Attractive Teeth Improve Our Mental Well Being?

smile after cosmetic dentistry

The benefits of self-improvement Mental health issues are finally being given the serious attention that they deserve. Too many people suffer from this issue, in varying degrees. There can be many causes of it, both medical and societal, and often

Caring For Your Newly Treated Tooth


Dental restorations can extend the life of a damaged tooth – but please look after them! We all hope that our teeth will stay strong and healthy if we take good care of them, and certainly, regular cleaning and dental

Are Fruit Teas Ruining The Teeth Of Our Chelmsford Patients?

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‘Healthy’ foods and drinks are not always as beneficial as they seem. We are constantly being encouraged to eat more healthily, reducing the amount of fats and sugars in our diet. Unfortunately, many of these unhealthy foods and drinks actually