Month: January 2018

Why We Use X-Rays At Our Chelmsford Dental Practice

root canal and tooth

This standard, but useful technology reveals deep seated problems. If you have been seeing a dentist at Blue Sky Dental for some time, there is every likelihood that you have had at least one x-ray. These are usually taken when

A Reminder About ‘Cheap’ Dental Implants

Going abroad for cheaper implants may not be the bargain that you hoped for. You may have read in the news very recently, of a patient who travelled to India 2 years ago to have his dental implants placed. On

The ‘Problem’ With Dentures

Implant stabilised arch of teeth

Even modern dentures can be problematic – what’s the alternative? Although there have been many advances in teeth replacement systems, we still see a lot of patients at our Chelmsford practice who wear “standard” dentures. Whilst most are happy with

Whiter Teeth For The New Year?

lovely white smile

Improving your smile safely and effectively at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford. Hopefully, all of our Chelmsford patients have had a happy Christmas and New Year and are raring to go in 2018. Whilst the festive period may have been