Month: June 2017

Give Your Teeth An Aesthetics MOT!

Teeth whitening before and after

Why not take advantage of the latest cosmetic dental procedures in Chelmsford for a great new smile? Most people see their dentist once every six months or so, and perhaps every now and then when restorative treatment is necessary. Modern

Dermal Fillers – An Answer To The Effects Of Ageing?

Dermal fillers treatment in Chelmsford – look forward to younger looking skin! Most people have probably heard of Botox by now, and indeed, many of our Chelmsford facial aesthetics patients have enjoyed this procedure with good effect, reducing the wrinkles

Orthodontics Without The Fuss In Chelmsford

Invisalign brace

Our Essex orthodontist explains why clear aligners are easy and convenient to use. If you thought that dental braces had to be unsightly and made from metal in order to straighten your teeth, you would be wrong. Whilst this type

Caring For A New Dental Crown

Dental Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex

Useful aftercare tips from our Chelmsford dentists. A dental crown, or ‘cap’ as it may be referred to by some, is an effective way to restore a tooth that has broken or is decayed where a filling would not give