Month: May 2017

The Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants

Dental implant in the jaw bone

An unbiased look at this popular tooth replacement method. Having tooth implants placed at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford is an excellent long term solution to replace teeth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the type of procedure and the cost, it can

Treating Persistently Sore Gums in Chelmsford

gum disease checks

Early possible warnings of gum problems should not be ignored. At Blue Sky Dental, we firmly believe in preventative dental care. In general, this means ensuring that patients have an appointment with one of our Chelmsford dental team every six

Dental Filling Materials

root canal and tooth

A look at the role of various types of dental filling material. Having a tooth filled is one of the most common dental procedures that people experience. In most cases, these will be used when there is a small to

Smoking, Drinking and Your Dental Implants

dental implant in bone

Ongoing oral health advice for our Chelmsford dental implant patients. When you take the decision to have a dental implant placed, your dentist will advise you to stop smoking and also reduce your alcohol consumption for a period of time