Month: February 2017

Bleeding Gums – A Warning Sign

gum disease checks

Symptoms that could mean that all is not well in your mouth. Most people would recognise that, when we have a toothache, we need to see a dentist to have it examined. Failure to do so, even if the pain

Building bone structure for dental implant placements

Dental Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex

How bone grafts enable patients with jawbone loss to have dental implants. Dental augmentation or bone grafting, is a tremendously important procedure that can have a variety of uses in the world of modern day dentistry; helping the dentist to

Avoiding Extractions With Root Canal Treatment At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

When a tooth is infected, root therapy could save it…. At Blue Sky Dental, it is always our aim to avoid the need for teeth extraction wherever possible. Sometimes, when a tooth has become very badly decayed or damaged, there

Treating Misaligned Teeth At Blue Sky Dental with Cfast braces

The use of orthodontics when just a few teeth are crooked. It is far from unusual to have teeth which are relatively even overall, but with just the odd tooth or two not in its correct position. This problem can

Whiter Teeth For Valentine’s Day in Chelmsford

white teeth and dental mirror

Putting the ‘sparkle’ back into your life with nicer looking teeth With Valentine’s Day just one week away, many people will be thinking of putting the final touches to their preparations for the day. Whether early on in a relationship,