Year: 2017

Wishing You A Safe And Trouble Free Christmas

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Some last minute festive oral health tips from Blue Sky Dental. For those of you who are not too busy running around looking for last minute Christmas presents, we thought that we would use our last pre Christmas blog to

Healthy Christmas Gifts

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What tooth friendly presents will Santa put in your sack? This might be the last Blue Sky Dental blog that we post before the Christmas holidays, so we thought that we would write a piece to help those of you

Putting Trust In Your Replacement Teeth With Implants

Single dental implant

Losing a tooth can leave patients with a dilemma. Unless we have neglected our teeth for some time, and acknowledge doing so; for most people, losing a tooth can come as something of a shock. Especially if it is a

Six Risks To Your Oral Health From Smoking

Stopping smoking should be high on your list of New Year resolutions, and here’s why! It may sometimes seem like we repeat ourselves quite often about the importance of stopping smoking. We make no apologies for this, as, even if

An Open Letter To Teenagers From A Chelmsford Dentist

Responsibility grows as we become older;  taking care of your teeth is an important aspect of this! Teenagers, the world over, revel in the additional freedom that they gain at this time of their lives. There are many exciting things

Brushing Is Great; But You Need To Do More….

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Simple morning and evening brushing is not enough to keep your teeth healthy. “Brush, brush, brush your teeth” is a song that many children know well, sung to the tune of ‘row, row, row your boat’, but is this tuneful

Should Older Patients Just ‘Accept’ Poor, Unstable Teeth?

Our Chelmsford dentists look at why oral health care in the elderly is particularly important. With regular care and monitoring by a dentist, there is no real reason why we should not expect our teeth to be healthy and nice

Dentists – Oral Health Protectors or ‘Killjoys’?

Learning to like your local dentist! We are aware that dentists are probably somebody that you would rather never have to see; not on a personal level of course, but on a professional one. Whilst the vast majority of patients

Bruxism – Causes And Repair

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Teeth grinding – your Chelmsford dentist discusses this damaging habit. It is easy to shake our heads in disbelief when we sometimes watch the news on TV. This type of frustration though may go even further and may be causing

Love Your Gums

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Being kind to your gums will help you to keep your teeth well into later life. As children, many of us will have suffered from toothache, perhaps caused by inferior brushing and too many sweets. However well our parents encouraged