Month: December 2016

Versatile Veneers At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

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Porcelain dental veneers can be used to resolve a number of aesthetic dental problems. At Blue Sky Dental, we see a lot of patients from the Chelmsford area who come to us, unhappy with the way that their teeth look

Peri-implantitis And Other Threats To Dental Implants

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Our Chelmsford dentist looks at some potential implant challenges. It is widely agreed, within the dental community, that dental implants offer the best solution for replacing a missing tooth, or number of teeth. Their success rate is extremely high, making

Dental Decay? Without The Pain?

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Why a toothache is not always noticeable when decay strikes. From time to time patients express surprise when told they they need to have a tooth filled; “but it doesn’t hurt” is often the response. The fact is though, that