Month: November 2016

Don’t Let The Party Season Ruin Your Teeth

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A few experienced words from our Chelmsford dental team. Some of you may already be planning your Christmas parties and looking forward to seeing friends and family again, or perhaps even your works Christmas party with colleagues. Without wishing to

Teeth Straightening Without The Discomfort

Invisalign brace

Wireless dental braces available at our Chelmsford dental practice. Ask most people to describe dental braces and they will tell you that they are ugly metal things that show up when you smile. Whilst this certainly used to be the

Just How Important Is Dental Care?

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How much do we really need to worry about our teeth and gums? When we consider serious medical issues, we tend to think of our hearts, lungs etc. Too few of us will think about our teeth as being essential

Botox Treatment – Smoother Skin For Christmas

Our Chelmsford facial aesthetics team – helping you look your best for the Xmas season! With the first snow being hinted at by weather forecasters, many of us will be reminded that the Christmas season is not far away. Whilst