Month: May 2016

Special Offers at Blue Sky Dental

Helping our Chelmsford Patients make their money go further. Do you ever take a look at the special offers page on our website? If not, you may be missing something there which is advantageous for you. There are a number

Answering your Oral Health Questions

Questions, Questions We get asked all the time about the do’s and don’ts of brushing your teeth. Should you rinse your mouth after brushing, should you spit out or keep the toothpaste in your mouth etc. For something so simple its

Dental Fillings And The ‘Mercury’ Question

white teeth and dental mirror

Natural looking white fillings available at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford The most commonly used material for a dental filling is amalgam. This has been safely used for many years and is made from a combination of a metal alloy

Anxiety and Dental Implants


Explaining the dental implant procedure to nervous patients in Chelmsford. Most patients who attend our Chelmsford dental practice will, by now, have heard about the use of dental implants to replace lost teeth. Although many accept that they are now

Why Us?

Knowing who to choose can be difficult No matter which area you live in, you are bound to be in close proximity to a dental practice or in some cases many dental practices.  For this reason, as well as many

Are There Risks To Having Botox Treatment?

Facial ageing reduced

A closer look at some of the concerns about this popular facial aesthetics procedure. At Blue Sky Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to help people bring out the best in their appearance. Naturally, as cosmetic dentists, this may

Dental Care For Diabetics in Chelmsford

gum disease checks

Patients with diabetes are at a heightened risk of oral health problems. A recent study (1) has suggested that, if the NHS prioritised diabetic oral health care, it could save a significant amount of money on further medical treatment. This