Month: February 2016

Lip Enhancement – Concerns About Dermal Fillers Answered

This fast and safe procedure is now available at Blue Sky Dental. Although Botox is perhaps the most talked about aesthetic facial treatment, dermal fillers are also a popular method to help towards a younger looking face. Designed to replace

Can You Be Too Old For Dental Implants?

Are there potential age restrictions for this popular tooth replacement method? With access to good nutrition, health advice and advances in medical care, many of us are now living to be much older. It is thought that the number of

Dental Pain – Act Quickly For A Prompt Appointment

Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

A toothache is highly unlikely to go away and is a sure sign that something is wrong. There are many different degrees of toothache, but when a severe toothache strikes, perhaps after first trying a painkiller, most of us will

Teeth Replacement at Blue Sky Dental

Restoring your smile When replacing missing teeth you now have quite a few options.  It is always advisable to replace missing teeth as it helps restore function i.e. your ability to eat easily and can help prevent future dental problems,

Tips For Looking Younger From Our Dentist In Chelmsford

Making the best of cosmetic dental treatments and facial aesthetics. Whilst patients will always need to visit a dentist to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy, and perhaps for treatment to restore damaged teeth, an increasing number now

One Hour Teeth Whitening

Facial ageing reduced

How to give your teeth a boost in time for Valentine’s day. With Valentine’s day approaching, many people will be starting to think about how they can look their best for the day, especially if a romantic evening is planned.

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Why using your local dentist, rather than ‘bargains’ abroad is more likely to result in successful treatment. We all like to feel that we have got a bargain when we have bought something on special offer. Some of us would

Knowing who to choose and how to choose

It is difficult to know who to trust It is difficult to know which practice to choose when considering cosmetic dental treatment. We have all heard horror stories and even read them in magazines and newspapers about people who have