Month: January 2016

Stability for Dentures

Problems with your dentures? Do your dentures constantly move? Do they make you self conscious when socialising? Are you finding it difficult to eat? Then Blue Sky Dental can help you! Full Dentures People have full dentures to replace the

Putting that smile back on your face!

Professional treatments by experienced dentists Are you finding it difficult to smile with confidence due to the current condition of your teeth? Do you long to beam with pride and not have to think about your teeth when talking to

Looking For An Experienced Orthodontist in Chelmsford?

Invisalign brace

The Blue Sky Dental team can help you achieve straighter teeth. Anyone who wants to have straighter teeth will, quite naturally, want the procedure to be done correctly. Applying the correct amount of pressure to move the teeth, without damage,

Top Tips to Keep your Children’s Teeth Healthy

Know the Number Cause of Tooth Decay in Children We want to take care of our children in the best possible way, keep them from harm and look after them. We like to treat our children every now and again

Botox Now Available at Our Chelmsford Practice

Offering facial aesthetic treatments to ease those ageing lines and wrinkles from your face. Whilst many people in Chelmsford, Essex are familiar with us as a dental practice, perhaps it is less well known that we also offer facial aesthetics

Make Your Teeth a Priority This Year

Making Treatment More Easily Accessible and Affordable The start of a new year can mean so much, its almost like a fresh start. 2015 may have been a stressful year and a lot may of happened but January 1st means

Chipped a Front Tooth?

Dental veneers offer an effective restorative solution for Chelmsford patients. Losing a small chip from a tooth is not that uncommon. It can happen when we unexpectedly bite into something hard or it could result from a fall or accident.

Welcome In The New Year With Better Oral Health

Make January a new start and take a look at how to best care for your teeth and gums. Christmas is now over; the tree and trimmings are coming down and the world starts to get back into its regular