Month: December 2015

Getting to the ‘Root’ of a Toothache

Dental Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex

Detecting and treating the causes of a painful toothache at our Chelmsford dental practice. When a toothache strikes, it is probably the least concern of the sufferer to know what actually is causing it; the priority is to get it

What To Do With A Niggling Toothache

Should you ignore it, or is it a warning sign? Most of us, including those with a fear of visiting the dentist, would recognise the need to ring for help as soon as possible when a raging toothache strikes. When

Bridge the Gap!

Restoring Function and Appearance At some point or another it is highly likely you will lose a tooth, either due to infection, decay or trauma.  Depending on the area where the tooth is lost, you may wish to replace the

‘Old’ Looking Teeth

If your teeth are giving you an aged appearance, now is the time to act! As we get older, we expect certain of our physical features to change, most of which simply add to the appearance of ageing. Whilst some

Faster Teeth Straightening with Cfast

Our Chelmsford cosmetic dentist discusses this popular orthodontic system. Although a relatively new system, invented in 2009; Cfast braces have been a popular addition to our orthodontic range at Blue Sky Dental. Whilst Invisalign is still, perhaps, the most popular

Cracked your tooth?

Blue Sky Dental talks about why it is important to see your dentist if you have cracked your tooth. Its quite easy to crack a tooth. A tooth could crack for many reasons including grinding your teeth, chewing or biting