Month: November 2015

All on 4 – avoiding a bone graft

How the ‘all on 4’ implant procedure avoids bone grafting. Many older patients at our Chelmsford dental practice, those who have been long term smokers, or perhaps have been without teeth for some time, may well need to have a

Looking good for the party season!

Facial Rejuvenation Blue Sky Dental can help you look good and feel good this fast approaching party season! Having minimal and quick procedures can hugely improve your appearance, providing a big boost to your confidence too.  So what can we

Dental Implants and Gum Disease

gum disease checks

The aftercare of dental implants may determine their longevity. At Blue Sky Dental, we ensure that our dental implant patients not only leave the practice once treatment is completed with strong and effective dental implants, but are also armed with

Do you know the enamel from your dentine??

Know the ins and outs of your Teeth Teeth – we all have them. Throughout our lifetime we will have 2 sets of teeth and the longer we keep them the better. As anyone with dentures will tell you there

The Value of Baby Teeth

The tooth fairy increases her generosity when collecting baby teeth. The tooth fairy has been around for a long time in the UK and has collected thousands and thousands of baby teeth over the years. For parents though, it is

The Ultimate in Teeth Whitening

Brightening your smile The easiest way to improve the appearance of your teeth is to brighten them.  Having white teeth not only makes us look younger but is also a huge boost to our confidence.  Teeth Whitening is the easiest

How Strong Are Your Teeth?

The use and abuse of our teeth can determine their longevity. We generally accept that our teeth are strong; that is, until something goes wrong and we have to pay a visit to our local dentist. But why do some