Month: September 2015

Living with Mouth Ulcers

What are mouth ulcers? Mouth ulcers are sore spots that can appear anywhere in or around the mouth.  There are different types of ulcers, all of which are caused by a virus.  They can be a real pain, causing discomfort

Helping Our Patients Smile

Dental treatment isn’t easy for some people, but the end results are worth it. It doesn’t matter which dental practice you visit; dentists throughout the UK, and probably the world, will invariably have to treat patients who are very uncomfortable

Fillings – Know your options.

Treatment that will last How long do fillings last? I suppose I could answer ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Blue Sky Dental only use the best materials and equipment to ensure the success and longevity of your

The Number 1 Enemy for Teeth!

Not just bad for your body but also your teeth! We all know the impact sugar has on our body but do you really know how much of an impact it has on your teeth? Sugar is your teeth’s arch

What Do We Understand About Dental Decay

hygienist tools

Examining the facts and causes surrounding the most common dental problem in the UK. Very few of us will be lucky enough to go through life without experiencing at least some dental decay. Hopefully though, through twice yearly checks at

Don’t Ignore the Gum Line

Making your daily teeth cleaning habits more effective. When we were younger we were probably told to “go and brush your teeth” and, for most of us anyway, we probably did, and then grew up continuing this same practice into

Getting a Beautiful Smile is Easier Than You Think!

Dental Financing For years you have dreamed of changing your smile.  Those discoloured, chipped or even gappy teeth are finally starting to wear you down and you are starting to hide your smile with your hand, or not even smile

Online Dental Advice

Wondering about tooth care

Caution should be exercised when researching oral health issues. The first thing that many of us do these days, when we feel we may have a medical or dental problem, is to head straight to Google. As the world’s biggest

Bring Back Your Youth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile with confidence again! As we age our body starts to change. Our skin changes, wrinkles start to appear, even our hair doesn’t escape the signs of aging. Well our teeth are no different. When you consider how long we