Month: August 2015

If We Could Turn Time Backwards….

Will you regret not looking after your teeth now, when you are older? We suspect that many of our older patients of Blue Sky Dental will be nodding their heads in agreement as they read this latest blog. However, it

Toothpicks, floss and interdental brushes

hygienist tools

A look at some of the available options to clean between our teeth. If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you will already be aware of the importance that we place on maintaining not only healthy teeth, but

Concentrate on your game, not your teeth!

Protect your teeth It is estimated that 5 million teeth are either damaged or knocked out every year through sports related injuries. The best way to protect your teeth is by wearing a mouthguard. What is a mouthguard? A mouthguard is

Children’s Oral Health

A look at some interesting and useful information about your child’s teeth. With nearly 50% of children aged 8 years already showing visible signs of dental decay; it appears that we are not taking the issue of our children’s oral

No Need to Fear, the Dentist is here.

The Dentist – Not so scary any more. Everyone has something they fear, whether it be fear of the dark, of clowns or even of heights.  For some that fear is of the dentist. Usually that fear is due to

The Problem with Plaque

Why this commonly used dental term should not be ignored. Most of us will have heard our dentist mention plaque, during our regular dental examinations at Blue Sky Dental. Equally, it is sometimes mentioned on TV, during the advertising any