Month: June 2015

How White is Too White?

white teeth smile

Getting the balance right when having your teeth whitened. There is little doubt that the teeth whitening procedure has gained popularity due to its use by celebrities and their wish to attain a great smile for the cameras. Many of

Stabilising Insecure Dentures in Essex

implants used to replace a full lost arch of teeth

Why some patients are turning to dental implants to keep their dentures secure. From our previous posts, most readers of the Blue Sky Dental blog will be aware that we consider dental implants to be the ‘gold’ standard in teeth

Misconceptions about Mouthwash

Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

Dispelling some commonly held beliefs about the use of Mouthwash. Although our patients at Blue Sky Dental are regularly reminded of the fact that brushing and flossing and professional checks are the only sure way to keep your mouth healthy;

Your regular dental examination could save your life!

Checking for irregularities in your mouth. When your dentist examines your mouth they are checking on the health of your teeth and gums but that’s not all. Regular appointments with your dentist allows them to recognise any abnormalities in your mouth. Any

Improving your smile is easier than you think!

A beautiful smile in just one appointment! Dental Bonding, along with Teeth Whitening, is the easiest way to improve and enhance your smile. Carried out in just one appointment we can close small gaps, repair chips and cracks and cover

Alternative Dental Therapies

Wondering about tooth care

Looking at ‘natural’ dental alternatives. There is little doubt that an increasing number of people across Essex are interested in looking at alternatives in life, whether this be diet, lifestyle or fashion. As experienced dentists though, we do sometimes feel

Teenagers and Their Teeth

Helping our children to have good oral health in their teenage years. The teenage years, as most Chelmsford parents will agree, can be a difficult time. It is a time when our children start to exert their own individuality and

Can Whiter Teeth Change Your Life?

smile after cosmetic dentistry

Looking at the benefits of a teeth whitening procedure. Whilst most of us would probably like to have whiter teeth than we already have, many of us may not be concerned enough about it to have any treatment that might